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4 spectacular tips to improve your home

Properties are ever-changing entities, as chameleon-like as the residents inhabiting them. You’ll walk past a house with a bland white exterior panelling, only to see it converted into a hippy dippy fantasy of epic proportions a few weeks later.

Don’t you look at those ever-improving homes and wonder how they do it?

Well, with a little bit of inspiration you’ll be able to improve your home too. So we’ve put together a few easy-as-pie tips to help you on your way.

The eyes to your home

It’s summertime, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t improve your windows. Indeed, the style and functionality of your windows can make a whole load of difference.

Recommended for the summertime (and any other season), sliding sash windows have the perfect design to unlatch and let in the air.

If bought from the right provider, your glazing job will be energy efficient and come in almost any design format you choose. Styles come and go, but the right kind of window can stick around for decades – so invest wisely.

Prunes and shears

Your garden might be filled with snaking creepers or blossoming hydrangeas – but without the right kind of focal point, your pruning and shearing will be for naught.

A focal point – be it a water feature or a marquee – strikes the eye and gives your garden a central space in which to gather.

Depending on the size of your garden, your focal point could be something as small as a miniature fountain or a rose bed. Grander spaces can fit all manner of weird and wonderful objects, from tantalising topiary to a superb swing set for the kids.

Naturally, this is little more than a grab bag of ideas – but they could help perfect your garden.

The feature effect

Feature walls are the budget interior design trick of so many homes. But what exactly are they?

Essentially a feature wall is one section of your room painted or papered in a strikingly different style to the rest. In doing this, you’ll create a fantastic variation in all your rooms.

These dazzling design ideas work best in your living room or bedroom, but don’t be afraid to experiment – who knows how any room will look once you’re done.

Natty or neutral?

Colour schemes are a tricky business in any home. Do you want to stick out like a wacky aunt at a family do, or do you want to be as neutral as the Swiss in a warzone?

Use your instincts to gauge what colours fit your personality. After all, no reserved person wants the colour palette of Timmy Mallet in their front room.

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