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4 Things to Consider When Installing Downlights

Downlights are a highly popular and very effective way to bring the right light into your home. Downlights offer fuss-free, stylish, and effective lighting for all rooms in the house, and can contribute beautifully to an overall home lighting plan. Lighting rooms with downlights has a number of benefits. If you are planning to use downlights in a lighting scheme, take a look at the following hints and tips.

1. Think About How You Will Use the Room

As you think about designing your lighting plan for the home it is a good idea to have a broad overall sense of the space you are lighting, how you will use the rooms, and if there are any areas or objects that need specific highlighting. This will help you plan the positioning and the number of downlights needed for your lighting scheme.

2. Decide on the Number

In order to work out how many downlights you will need in a room, measure how big the room is in square feet. Then multiply this figure by 1.5. This figure will give you a broad idea of the total wattage you need for lighting the entire room. Take a look at the lights you want to use and then divide the total wattage for the room by the wattage for the bulb you want, and this will provide the number of lights you need. Of course, this is an extremely rough guide and can be adjusted with the help of an experienced electrician. For open plan spaces divide the space into separate areas in order to make calculations for each space.

3. Think About Ceiling Height

The lit area created by a downlight on a high ceiling will be less than that created with a lower ceiling but you don’t need to install more downlights with a high ceiling, you just need to choose lights with higher wattage. For example, Aurora Lighting will give you a specific wattage that you can then work with to provide adequate illumination in a room.

4. Think About Dimming

When you design lighting in a home it is always a good idea to install lights that can be dimmed. This gives you much greater control over the mood of the room and it is much more versatile. Dimmable lights often result in better lighting overall, whether you are thinking about downlights or other types of home lighting.

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