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5 Ways To Achieve A 70s Inspired Bedroom

Fancy a groovy retro look in the bedroom? You can focus on a number of different elements that will transform your room and create that 70s vibe.

The colours, styles and pop culture of the decade are excellent inspiration. The trick is to get the essentials of your room sorted first. Make a bed the priority – the Divan Beds Centre shows the many types available – and then add furniture and accessories that can build the fun look.


The Furniture

The furniture plays a major role in the vibe emitted by the bedroom. Furniture that is atypical of the 70s tends to be very funky in geometric pattern and also shape. A common trend was to add colourful looking cushions to items of furniture such as square back chairs. Click here for some ideas on how you can use your furniture for this theme.

The Flooring

Wooden flooring is perhaps most reminiscent of the 70s but linoleum flooring can also achieve the desired effect. A wooden floor is easy to clean and maintain and gives you the scope to add a rug to enhance your theme.

The Tiled Wall

We’re not just talking any old tiled wall either. Consider a tiled wall full of radiant colours. The 70s was renowned for its vast array of colours so adding in a tiled wall with a variety of bright colours makes a huge difference to the bedroom if you want to create a 70s vibe and feeling. It’s important to make sure that all of the colours you choose contrast well with each other and also combine with other elements in the room. Be bold and don’t be afraid to experiment by picking up the odd sample tile to see if it works with your furnishings and lighting.

Four – The Artwork

There is one rule to remember regarding the artwork – it needs to look fun, funky and be a bit ‘outside the box’. 70s artwork was characterised by lots of bright colours and was often experimental. Get something differnet and eye catching to really set off the rest of the room and be a fun, period talking point. Why not shop around online to find something directly from the decade?

Funky Accessories

Accessories can be the final major difference in whether or not you achieve an effective 70s inspired bedroom. Your accessories need to be personal to you too. What do you like? This is a part where you can really let your creativity run free. Just remember to hunt out funky shapes and colours and you can’t go wrong. If you are stuck for ideas then you can’t beat a 70s vinyl.


Creating a 70s inspired bedroom is all about adding in elements to the room that are reminiscent of the decade. Study pictures from the period for inspiration, choose the five elements above and be prepared for bright, bold colours and fun, funky shapes galore for a retro room that you enjoy for years to come.

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