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A List of Convenient and Easy Organising Hacks for a Less Cluttered Bedroom

We all have an idea of how our bedroom should be – for some, it’s a place to relax and get some rejuvenating sleep. For others, the bedroom is a place where they can watch television or a film, listen to music, or read. And for other individuals, it is a place where they can do some work. Whatever image or idea you have of the perfect bedroom, they all have one thing in common: they should be clean and uncluttered. Are you having difficulty keeping your bedroom clean, organised, and clutter-free? Here’s a list of convenient and easy organising hacks for a less cluttered bedroom.

  1. Replace your nightstand

A nightstand serves a very useful role; it’s a place where you can store books, toiletries, and other small but necessary bedroom items. But if you have a small nightstand or table, this may not be enough. Rather than have a small, decorative table, you should make an investment in a more practical table equipped with drawers or shelves. Save the decorative table for your guest bedroom. A practical table and nightstand can give all your small sundries their proper place, from your tissues to makeup, books, lotions and moisturisers, pens and papers, and the like.

  1. Hooks are your best friend

If your bedroom space is limited and you can’t install shelves or containers, you can use hooks and pegs. Pegs and a pegboard are handy for small items which can be hung, such as necklaces. These also make for an attractive way to showcase your jewellery and give a personal touch to your vanity area. You can also make use of china cups and delicate trays for your earrings and rings and other small accessories.

Hooks are great for hanging items of clothing, such as coats, jackets, and scarves. They can also be used for hanging bags, belts, and hats. Place hooks on clever spots or areas such as behind the bedroom door or on the doors of your closet. Of course, you can always invest in a bespoke wardrobe. These made to measure wardrobes are the all-in-one solution for a more organised bedroom, as you can store anything you want in the wardrobe and create a design that’s ideal for all your needs.

  1. Grab a great storage ottoman

Storage ottomans have increasingly become a common element in many a bedroom or living area, and for good reason. These types of ottomans are immensely useful as you can use them to store small items, and they come in attractive patterns, designs, and fabrics as well. Of course, they have a double purpose – you can sit on the ottoman whilst putting your shoes or stockings on in the morning; they can be used as convenient seating, and they’re quite affordable as well.

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