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How to Effectively Light Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is your space to prepare food, eat, chat, relax, and catch up with family. Good lighting design can make the difference between a useful and functional space and a stylish area in your home. From installing more stylish and effective downlights to understanding how to light your cabinets, here’s how you can get the lighting right in your kitchen.

Look at Where Lighting is Needed

According to www.downlightsdirect.co.uk, when you are planning your kitchen lighting design it makes sense to see exactly where you need the lights you are going to install. Downlights installed in a strip across the ceiling will not necessarily enhance the space, but they will be extremely effective when directed at the areas in the kitchen that need good task lighting. Think about where you stand to prepare food, and where you spend most time in the kitchen doing other tasks.

Consider Under the Cupboards

Installing downlights under cupboards helps to save space and improve task lighting. It also allows you to use more of the worktop without shadow obscuring the space. You can find efficient lighting that emits low heat so that your kitchen cupboards will not warm up.

Use Lighting in Layers

Effective home lighting is all about the layers of light you can create with your lighting plan. Think about how you can use downlights for ambient and task lighting, and also add lighting for accents and general lighting. When you have light coming from a number of different sources your room looks more cosy, three-dimensional, and modern. It is important to be able to control these layers separately so you can create different lighting schemes for different occasions.

Keep Lights Flush to the Ceiling

Make sure that lights are easy to clean and that you get the best illumination by keeping the lights flush to the ceiling.

Light Your Glass Cabinets

By lighting the inside of glass cabinets you achieve a focal point as well as provide a highly effective light source for task lighting, and also for simply seeing what you are storing inside the cabinet.

Don’t Dazzle Anyone

It is important to consider how the lights you install will affect your vision. It is find to highlight specific areas of the kitchen but do not do this at the expense of comfort. You need to avoid hitting anyone with glare when they are standing in different areas of the kitchen.

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