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How to Increase the Privacy in Your Yard

Are you the type that loves to be outdoors in the spring and summer, enjoying your yard, nature, and fresh air but don’t particularly like that “fishbowl” feeling? When you’re surrounded by neighbors on all sides that sense of private backyard oasis doesn’t always exist. If you’re looking to enjoy more time outdoors this year then it may be that a few tweaks that provide you with more privacy are in order.garden-1136937_960_720

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Whether you’re prepared to make big changes, or just small ones, these tips can help your backyard to feel quieter, more relaxing, and best of all – more private.

Put Up a Fence

One of the best ways you can create privacy in your yard is to put up a fence. This will instantly change the look and feel of your yard, allowing you to start working on that private oasis. Now if it’s privacy you’re after, you’re going to want to steer clear of picket fences and chain link fences, as these don’t offer any type of privacy.

Instead, investigate something such as vinyl fences offered through Northland Fence Company, which are low maintenance, available in a wide variety of colors, durable, won’t crack or fade, and provide you with an incredible amount of privacy.

Carefully Planned Out Shrubs and Trees

Nature can act as a wonderful and organic barrier that offers a more scenic type of privacy. Carefully plan out where you could position shrubs and plants to provide the maximum amount of privacy. As a tip, opt for evergreens that get bushy and stay green and full all year-round. You can also pick out fast-growing varieties so you won’t have to wait as long to get the maximum results.

When picking out shrubs and trees, it can be handy to speak to your local garden center and get tips on what would be best. They can also offer advice as to how close to plant items to each other. Favorites among homeowners include Italian cypress, columnar evergreens, and hedges that you can shape and shear.

Build a Pergola Complete with Privacy Panels

If you aren’t concerned about increasing the privacy, then maybe you can just build a sitting/relaxing area that offers privacy. This gives you the escape you’re after when you want it, without having to tackle the whole yard.

A pergola can be an excellent addition to your backyard giving you and your guests a comfortable place to sit and socialize. You can also use it for dining by placing a table and chairs in the pergola. The use of privacy screens and panels will help to keep peeping eyes out.

If you already have an existing deck or porch, then you can use portable partition walls or incorporate privacy screens/panels into the structure.

Create the Backyard Oasis You Deserve

Each of these tips will help you to boost the level of privacy in your yard, allowing you to create that backyard oasis that you’ve been dreaming about while at work.

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