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How to refinish your front door and increase your curb appeal

If your front door is looking weathered and lacking lustre, refinishing it is a much more affordable option than replacing it, and allows greater customisability, such as unusual colours. Refinishing your door is also relatively easy, and can easily be done over the course of a weekend.

Remove the hardware

The first step to refinishing your door is to remove the hardware. This allows easier access to the door and prevents damage to the handles.

Strip or sand off any existing paint or varnish

No matter how weathered your door is, there is likely to be leftover varnish and paint. This needs to be stripped, either using a chemical solvent or by sanding it down using 80-grit paper.


Smooth the surface

Once the remaining paint has gone, switch to a 100-grit then 120-grit paper to smooth out the surface.

Sand the mouldings

Any moulding or pattern needs to have the surface sanded down. This will need to be done by hand in order to get into the nooks. Use a 100-grit paper and fold it in order to get into tight corners. A sanding sponge can also be used as it is less abrasive on your hands.

Get rid of any dust

Sanding inevitably creates dust which needs to be removed before carrying on. The easiest way to do this is with a hoover, finished off with a lightly damp sponge or rag.

Apply the finish

A paint roller is a simple way of guaranteeing a smooth finish. Start with the edges and then work panel by panel, using a brush to fill in any spots missed by the roller. Use brush strokes in the same direction as the grain to keep the finish looking professional.

Apply sealant

Once the first layer has been left to dry, lightly sand down any lumps and brush off any dust or dirt. Apply a second coat if needed, otherwise apply a sealant and leave to dry.

Attach the hardware

Reattach the original hardware or, for a super shiny finish, use brand new hardware.

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