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The Top Bathroom Trends You Should Know about for 2018

Bathroom trends have come and gone – think pale blue and old rose colours for baths in the 70s, bright, bold colours in the 80s, and so on. And whilst some bathroom trends have not been able to withstand the test of time, there are trends which have moved on to become true classics, such as freestanding, claw-footed baths, subway tiles, neutral shades, and more. This year is no different – there are some great bathroom trends for anyone wanting to improve their bathroom’s look and feel. Let’s have a look at the top bathroom trends you should know about for 2018.

  • The use of reclaimed materials

Reclaimed materials are not just popular for other rooms in the home, such as living areas and kitchens. They are also becoming quite the ‘in’ thing for bathrooms. Recycled and reclaimed materials are all the rage for bathrooms, especially when it comes to the use of old wood. Old wood is now seen in bathroom flooring, ceilings, walls, and even vanities, and the use of glass worktops which are recycled is more popular today as well. It’s now all about sustainability, but it’s beautiful sustainability at that.

  • Freestanding baths are still in

Freestanding baths first came out during the Victorian era, and they haven’t lost their charm. This is especially true today because freestanding baths are a lot less expensive. And today, there are more freestanding bath sizes and shapes, so if you don’t feel that a claw-foot freestanding bath is for you, you can always go for more modern, sleeker shapes like rectangular baths or even round baths.

  • Less fuss

The bathrooms of today are also leaning towards a more minimalistic design. As they say, less is more, and this can be seen with the use of cleaner, sleeker lines and shapes, and bathroom furnishings which can be stark and unornamented. Gone are the days of fussy finishing and busy patterns – more modern bathrooms have that clean, organised, simple look combined with solid colours such as grey and slate, beige and light brown, white, and so on.

  • Furniture-style bathroom vanities

Another trend is the use of furniture-style bathroom vanities. They don’t extend all the way to the floor, giving the vanity the look of a dressing table. These kinds of vanities give an airier and more spacious look to bathrooms, especially small ones.

  • Fully-compact, luxurious showers

Shower enclosures have taken centre-stage as well, especially for those who want to take a break from a stressful day. But we’re not just talking about ordinary showers, mind you – steam showers are more in demand simply because they allow us to relax with massage jets, aromatherapy, built-in speakers, and more – and they’re less expensive than you may think as well.

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