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Turn Your Home into a Summer Oasis with a Lovely Outdoor Kitchen

Every summer you wish you would have done something about your backyard landscaping or your patio that is just sitting there begging to be used. You want to host a few barbeques and you’d love to have a few friends over to share a few cold drinks and hop in the pool, but there really is nowhere to entertain.patio-cover-1748371_960_720

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Have you considered an outdoor kitchen? Besides giving you the perfect place to entertain, there are other benefits you will enjoy as well when dining outdoors. This year could be the year to begin a new, more social side of family life, and to think it all started with ideas for how to improve the landscaping out back!

More Than a Place to Entertain

One of the reasons why so many homeowners avoid cooking big meals during the summer is because of all the heat that radiates from an oven or stove. It’s hard enough to keep the house cool enough as it is without adding extra heat into the mix. Yes, cold salads and sandwiches are nice in the summer, but a nice hot dinner is also appreciated when you can eat it in comfort. With an outdoor kitchen, you can cook outdoors and eat outdoors without unnecessarily heating up your home.

Not as Expensive as You Think

You will also find that there are a few main ways in which the cost of constructing and outdoor kitchen can be offset by the amount of money you will save every time you cook and eat outdoors. First, the cost of cooling your home is already through the roof, but if you keep that heat down by cooking outside, you can enjoy a cool home at less the cost.

Also, most homes today have electric stoves and ovens. At the same time, most outdoor kitchens are equipped with gas ranges and ovens and the cost of gas is much lower than the cost of electricity. This is just another way to reduce your energy bills during the summer, but what about the tendency to get carry-out when you want a hot meal and don’t want to heat up the house cooking? Those meals are expensive! Over the course of a few years, you can make back much of the initial cost of building that lovely outdoor kitchen.

Plan the Construction for Year-Round Use

Even in the coldest areas of the country, you can use your kitchen every month of the year if you plan it well. Some families combine their unused patio with plans for an outdoor kitchen which usually means it is enclosed on three sides and of course it will have a roof. However, if you want an open-air outdoor kitchen, there are ways to add a canopy for use in cooler months. That warm and inviting gas range will keep you comfortable enough to enjoy your outdoor kitchen most of the year.

Some families even go the extra mile by adding a fire pit nearby around which they can sit and enjoy the warmth and glow of the logs burning as they enjoy the evening air. Entertain throughout the year and your home will be a place where your friends and family love to visit.

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