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Using Wallpaper And Tile Together

With vintage and rustic looks sweeping through our homes, wallpaper is currently experiencing a surge of popularity. Wallpaper is great for lounges and bedrooms so naturally using wallpaper in a bathroom might not be the first place your mind could go to. However, the trend for mixing materials shows no signs of slowing down, so just how can you use wallpaper and tiles in a bathroom?

Half and Half

Bathroom Wallpaper

With a slightly more Victorian influence, the halfway design uses tiles on the bottom half of your wall that are then met halfway with wallpaper for the top half. This allows you to keep that simple and easy cleaning routine when it comes to your floors and splash areas while still benefiting from the style and gorgeous look of a wallpaper from there on up. When looking for bathroom wall tiles its important to consider all your options. With modern developments in manufacturing, effect tiles are now near impossible to differentiate from the real thing. This means you can add that bit of luxury with a marble effect tile that gives you the same look, less maintenance and pairs nicely with exquisite wallpapers for intricate, and expensive looks that won’t break the bank.

Keeping It SimpleBathroom Wallpaper 2

If you want something a little more toned down, try instead a totally tiled floors and walls but leave one wall wallpapered to create a feature. This allows you to work with those all important tiles in your bathroom but also affords you to chance to be a bit more creative since wallpapers have far more of a variety when its comes to design. Try using a skirting board or some beading when it comes to the floor and wall to help differentiate the two further while maintaining that clean cut finish.


Bathroom Wallpaper 3

We know that patterns and busy designs are becoming more and more popular, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t in danger of going overboard with patterns. There’s nothing worse than downsizing a room by overdoing the chaotic patterns. Using wallpapers with these designs is all about finding the right balance to bring just enough design that strikes that harmonious blend. The best way of working with these wallpapers is to pair them with a more neutral “base”. This tends to be a plain tile that can help you to reach that harmonious combination.


Having said all of that, you don’t have to match your busy wallpaper with a plain tile if a standout look is what you’re after. If you cleverly plan your tiles you can mix and match contrasting looks that have a slightly vintage or retro look about them. For example, a pattern floor tile used with the half and half wall we’ve previously talked about will give you a gorgeously trendy room. This tends to work better in moderately sized rooms, so be realistic with the space you have to work with and don’t overreach when it comes to designing.

Combining tile and wallpaper is a great way of creating an unusual mix ’n’ match design in your home that is beautifully low maintenance. One of the key things we haven’t mentioned yet is cost. Porcelain tiles are widely available and as such are sold at a very low price. However, a lot of those nicer wallpapers can be quite pricey which is why combining the two is ingenious. The money you’d save wallpapering the whole wall leaves you a little bit in your budget to look more in to those more luxurious wallpapers since they will be covering less of a surface area. Always make sure that the wallpaper you use in rooms like bathrooms or kitchens are specifically designed for high moisture areas so that the paper won’t bubble or harbour mold over time.

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