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We are great when you want to remodel the outside of your home!

Who are, “We?” Well, we are Cedreo, and we can say with confidence that Cedreo is a great home design software for you to use if you want to remodel the exterior of your client’s home. This is because our home design software has features which allow you to design, model, and plan the appearance of the exterior of your client’s house to make it look professional and the way he or she wants! What’s more is that you can import plans, and you can save designs. More on this below!


Our Design your floor plans

If you surf the websites of home design softwares in detail, you will soon come across this option in the features hyperlink which is towards the right hand side of their landing pages! This feature allows you to use 3D designs to construct the perfect exterior which your client and his or her visitors can be proud of. Whether it’s redesigning their backyard deck, or doing a makeover of their front lawn, you can use this feature to import specific plans. You can draw an infinite number of rough drafts, all of which can be saved in the vast databases of these home design softwares. This feature allows you to do all of this and more!


The beauty of Cedreo

Now that you know how these features can benefit you, it’s time to explain what home design softwares are, and what benefits they have for you.  They offer the best and most unique home designs available in 3D software format. The makers of these softwares have a great deal of pride and confidence in making this statement, which they back up with the fact that their software is relay well programmed. This means that you can get engineering quality electronic blueprints without having to spend a fortune on them! Additionally, their softwares are intuitive and easy to use. They use the same what you see is what you get (WYSIWYG) format that Microsoft uses for its softwares. An eight year old can draft professional looking blueprints using these types of softwares as a result!


And then there’s more

But it doesn’t stop there because you can use the features of these softwares to easily and quickly design the interior areas and rooms of your client’s house. If, for example, your client is a very artsy person who loves to draw paintings and make beautiful crafts which he or she can hang in various nooks and crannies in his or her house, our software allows you to visually redesign the look of the house and create these nooks and crannies. You can then use these revised blueprints to design the home of your client’s dreams!



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