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Why eAuctions and eSourcing is what your business needs

If you have a business, of any size, it’s likely that you have a supply chain. Maybe it’s parts for combustion engines, perhaps it’s the little springs for ballpoint pens. Whatever your supply needs are, with an ever-shrinking global market thanks to the internet and online platforms, the only way to be competitive is to ensure that you find the best suppliers at the best price for your business.

Luckily, the internet has come up with just the solution; eSourcing. Taking the traditional methods of tender and supply chain contracting and throwing them into the web, there are now platforms which provide the opportunity not just to find and contract suppliers but to manage them too.thumbs-up-2056022_960_720

Aren’t eAuctions for eBay?

There’s no denying, eBay changed the way we shop online, but it’s not the end of the auction story. In the world of supply chain management and procurement, auction services give you not only a clear picture of what your potential suppliers are bidding. It also allows you to control the flow of information and really compare apples to apples.

What’s more, unlike eBay, you’ll often find a number of auction styles which you can tailor to suit your specific needs. With Japanese, Dutch and reverse, for example, you can not only choose the auction style but configure the rules of the process for your clients.

But what happens next?

Gone are the days when you have a lever arch file for each supplier and a spreadsheet of contact details and key dates. Many of the platforms now offer follow up services for once your eAuction has finished. These include contact management, contract services and spend analyses. All of this means that you can have an online one-stop shop for your procurement and supply chain management. Plus, unlike your paper files, this is accessible throughout the world, all you need is your internet connection.

Scanmarket.com offers a range of services to assist you with your supply base management and, specifically the eAuction process. With an array of auction methods to suit your needs, Scanmarket is a market leader in the field and also offer unique log in details for suppliers, to minimise support issues; instant ‘Quick Call’ support to potential suppliers, stakeholders and buyers; and the service available in 21 languages. Plus, there’s a whole range of services to support you both before, during and after your auction ends to ensure you get the best from your new supply chain systems.

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