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Why You Should Consider Mosquito Control For Your Event Space

When you’re busy planning the wedding of the century or some other important event it can be easy to forget the importance of mosquito control for your even space.

However, the simple fact is that mosquitoes are more than just an annoyance; they can carry dangerous diseases which can be transmitted to you and your guests when they bite you. Mosquitoes can ruin almost any event, whether it’s a picnic, party or that amazing wedding.

Why they Want To Invade Your Event

Events generally need to be catered for and this means there will be food and drink present. The food itself may be wrapped and protected but once there is waste of plates and the event is in full string you’ll find that an abundance of pests are attracted to the aroma of your food. In addition, mosquitoes need water to breed.

Surprisingly they can breed in as little as a bottle lid of water; when you’re planning an event you’ll need water for a variety of reasons. Whether this water is spilt and collects someone or you have a leak which allows water to pool you can quickly have stagnant water. Considering one mosquito can produce up to 100 eggs in one go you can see how a small amount of water can quickly cause a population explosion!

Protect Your Space

As part of your event planning you should take the following steps to help prevent a mosquito issue:

  • Contact an Expert

Click here to find out more about your local pest control expert and have them assess your location and intended facilities. They will be able to advise you regarding the best positioning of marquees, etc. More importantly they should be able to treat all the material being used in your marquee with mosquito repellant. Once this has dried it will be impervious to rain and help to keep mosquitoes away.

  • Check Water

The next thing you should do, potentially in conjunction with your pest control experts, is to assess the water in the area. If there are any locations that already have standing water or have the potential to allow it to collect then you need to remove the water and develop a plan to ensure water does not collect and stagnate.

  • Food Protection

It is essential to keep any food that is prepared covered until the event starts. However, if you’re serving food in one of your marquees there is still a risk of mosquitoes being attracted and coming inside. To avoid this it is a good idea to using mosquito netting round the marquee, your guests will still be able to enjoy the open air weather but the mosquitoes will stay where they belong; away from you and your guests.

  • Keep It Tidy

It is also a good idea to ask your gusts to be mindful of their rubbish and any food waste. Keeping it inside the netted tent will help but it would be better if your guests placed their rubbish into the bin once they’ve finished. If you explain why they are certain to understand.

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